Patricia-Maria Weinmann - Stage Director


Le Lettres de Werther
with co-director Greg Smucker

This is a jewel of a Werther, intimate in scale, incorporating everything of importance from the opera, and restoring a measure of Goethe’s sensibility as well.

-The Boston Globe



In an imaginative and effective move, stage director Patricia-Maria Weinmann has Mephistopheles openFaust et Marguerite with “Le veau d’or,” his aria about how gold has more power than God. That sets the tone for the rest of the evening.

-The Boston Globe

Carmina Burana

"Syracuse Opera's Carmina Burana a resounding success. '.... a handsome spectacle.... The production brought together a great deal of creativity and was a joy to attend. This weekend, Lady Fortune smiles on Syracuse.'"

-Central New York's Café Momus

"It was one of the most visually-stimulating experiences I've seen in a standard theater."

-The Syracuse "Guru"

L'Italiana in Algieri

"The stage direction of Weinmann assured that there wasn't a dull moment."

-Deseret Morning News

"Weinmann presented Rossini's comic tale with drama and movement that served the music purposefully. Singers were able to project florid lines without contrived stage direction while still avoiding "park and bark".

-Opera News

Hansel and Gretel

"NEC's Magical Hansel and Gretel....There were many felicities in Patricia-Maria Weinmann's direction."

-The Boston Music Intelligencer


"A sumptuous production...a joy from beginning to end."

-Deseret Morning News

The Gondoliers

"Director Patricia Weinmann overcame daunting challenges to use the venue's limited staging resources to good effect…. imagination and skill were evident in every scene."

-Salt Lake Tribune

If you haven't yet been to a Deer Valley concert this summer, this is the one show you'll want to go to. In fact, it's one you simply can't miss.

-Deseret Morning News












Carmina Burana
Syracuse Opera

Carmina Burana Production Photos

L'Italiana | Utah Opera
L'Italiana in Algieri Gallery

Hansel and Gretel
New England Conservatory
Hansel and Gretel Gallery

Cenerentola | Utah Opera
Cenerentola Gallery

Gondoliers | Deer Valley
Deer Valley Gallery